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What's included in the Program 

Art Periods & Styles

Art Periods & Styles

Explore the 'isms' from Romanticism through to Surrealism (as well as the Bauhaus and School of Paris)

Artists & their lives

Artists & their lives

Discover the works of artists from each period and learn more about their lives and how they worked together

Paris & The Salons

Paris & The Salons

Review the changes that were occurring in and around Paris during the 1800s and early 1900s. Understand the role of the various Salons in Paris in promoting artists and art styles.

Art Terms & Colour Theory

Art Terms & Colour Theory

Learn more about the basics of Colour Theory and Art Terms to understand how artists composed their works.

How the Program Works

Introduction to Modern European Art is a self-paced program, which includes lots of visual images (many not easily found), carefully researched and easy to read articles, links to quality videos and other readings, and section questions, which encourage you to think about your response to each of the sections in the program. You can also contact the presenter at any time with questions and comments. 

You can complete the program in any order, but the beauty of this program is that you can see the context for the development of Modern Art and how and why changes occurred when they did. There are lots of interesting stories about how artists collaborated and learnt from each other.  

It's been designed for students, adult learners and teachers to be informative, enjoyable and trustworthy.

Examples of artworks from each of the periods covered in the program

             $125 Aud


try for one week - then if you choose to purchase unlimited access, this fee will be deducted from the total cost.


1 week enrolment


$10 Aud

free until further notice

To learn more about the program and the presenter watch the introductory video 

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