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About the Program

For the next few months this program is free.

To enrol, just click on the sign up button and I will give you member access. If you have any questions, please use live chat or email.

How do I enrol?

Once you pay the enrolment fee, click on 'return to seller's website' where you will be provided with your unique login - you can then complete the program at your leisure.

If you prefer to pay fortnightly, choose the subscribe option for six payments of $25. 

Or, you can also purchase one week's access, the cost of which will be deducted if you then decide to enrol for the full program.


You can pay via Paypal, Credit Card or Direct Deposit.


To pay by direct deposit, use the contact form to request bank details from the presenter.

What can I expect from the program?

The program is divided into 3 broad sections: an exploration of Modern Art in Europe, some general history to provide context for changes in art styles in and around Paris; and an introduction to colour theory and art terms.


Each art period module provides you with an introduction, list of the key artists, and discussion about style of art, the artists and their artworks. There are a number of images and slideshows for you to view, and links to videos and some further reading if you are interested. 


Please click on individual images in slideshows if you would like to see the image enlarged, and details about the painting.  There are also hyperlinks to source documents for terms mentioned which are not discussed in detail.

For more details about the learning outcomes, please click here, or learn more about the presenter, Andrea Hope.


Why should I pay for the program?

There are lots of different websites where you can read about Modern Art, and there are some free programs you can do as well. So why would you pay for this one?


When writing the program, I had in mind those people who would like to do a face-to-face program, but just don't have access to one, and those people who simply want to be involved in adult education but prefer to study on their own. I've drawn on my own experience with both forms of study to design the program to meet both needs.

Firstly, it's easy to follow, bringing together all the information that provides context for the rise and success of Modern art - historical information, colour theory and art terms, each of the main painting styles, key male and female artists and their exhibitions. You can follow your own learning path, depending on your interest.


It's not about just absorbing information. It's about being informed, challenged and encouraged to think about your responses to the information and artworks throughout the program. It's about both appreciating the context and seeing the detail.


It's about having the opportunity to respond as you become engaged with different aspects of Modern art. Some people prefer to think visually, so there are many drawing exercises throughout the program, as well as a number of written questions, for those who prefer this style of response.


Like all good adult learning programs there is a variety of media;  written information, slideshows, lots of images (many not easily found elsewhere), videos and further readings.


And like all good adult learning programs, it's been carefully researched from reliable sources. It's been carefully formatted, so that each section is easily followed, step-by-step.


The purpose of my writing this program was to share my real love and interest in this period of art with others in a way that is really satisfying and engaging for the participants.

Can I get a refund?

You can request a refund within 24 hours if you find it doesn't meet your needs, or in the first week if you have technical problems.  Whilst you shouldn't have any problems, there are a large number of images on this website, and they may be slower to load if you have a very slow internet connection.

How much does it cost?

The cost for unlimited access is just $125 (Aud) 

$125 Aud

Prefer to pay fortnightly?

Just 6 payments of $25 (Aud) 

6 x 

$25 Aud

Or purchase a week's access 

  for just $10 (Aud) 


1 week subscription


             $10 Aud

If you purchase one week's access and would then like to continue with unlimited access, the cost of your first week will be deducted - just contact the presenter before you make your payment.

You can choose to undertake either the section activities and/or respond to questions in each of the modules. Just look for the symbol.


You can also contact Andrea at any time via the About page.

How do I contribute my thoughts and observations?

Who is this program designed for and do I need high level computer skills?

This program is written in 'Plain English' and is designed to  for those who have an interest in Modern European art, but not a high level of knowledge. It should challenge you and encourage you to think about your response to the range of art styles covered in the program.


You should be able to move around the site easily by clicking on the headings, images and other menu buttons. The program doesn't need to be completed in a particular order, but you would probably want to move through the art styles sequentially.


If you have any questions about using the website, just contact the presenter.

What technology do I need?

Because of the size of the program, and the number of images, I recommend that you use either your laptop or PC. You don't need any specific programs - everything can be completed right here on the site (except any drawings or paintings you choose to do).

  Who is the Presenter?

I'm Andrea Hope, owner of Kiama Art Gallery, art history writer and educator. I have a BA in Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (amongst other tertiary quals). You'll find more information about me at the About  page.

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