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I'm Andrea Hope, owner of Kiama Art Gallery, which specialises in European and Australian artworks, particularly works on paper.


My favourite period of art is the early 20th century, and I have been researching art history for many years.


I have a BA in Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (amongst other tertiary quals). I've also been an adult educator for many years, specialising in both art history and communication in the workplace.

It has been a joy to research and write Introduction to Modern European Art.

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My aim is to help make learning about art history easy and engaging


It's designed for people who have a great love of learning more about interesting things (art in this case), who like to understand the context of how it all fits together, like interesting stories with lots of images, and want to be able to contribute to the discussion.


It's also highly suitable for final year school students (and their teachers)  and entry level University students as it's been extremely well researched using images which most closely represent the actual paintings described (I use images fro art museums wherever possible).


It all began when I was working at the Australian National University (ANU) and signed up for some art appreciation courses, because I really wanted to know more about some of the paintings I'd seen. In particular I discovered I was most interested in "Modernism".


I had some real  'a ha' moments during these sessions, and it inspired me to travel overseas to see some of the galleries that held these wonderful works. And  also to read, read and read some more about artists and their lives.


It eventually led to me start collecting works on paper from this period from France (where my mother grew up) as well as local artworks, and I know have my own small gallery in Kiama on the NSW south coast.


Finally, I got back to doing what I started doing when I was seven - that is, writing for the joy of it. During my career, I had lots of experience writing for business, now it was time to write for me. I also ran a number of adult learning programs, teaching others about management, so I have a good feel for how adults like to learn, and now I'm learning more each day about connecting via the net.


It's been really important to me to ensure that this program is extremely well researched (all that reading!) and I also undertook an on-line program through the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which I set as my benchmark, and I believe I've exceeded that benchmark. I also wanted to make sure that women artists weren't invisible in my program so more reading, more on-line research, with the result that they are part of the story as they should be.


To encourage others to undertake my Introduction to Modern European Art history program I've written a number of blogs which are just short snippets of the program. Of course, the program itself includes so much more - it provides an overall look at Paris and all the changes that were happening at the time, it even includes some explanation of art terms, and then there are sessions on each of the main art periods and the key artists, with lots of high quality images and slideshows, and links to further videos and other readings. And course, there is the opportunity to contribute respond to a series of questions throughout the program (doing this visually though art making if you prefer). Find out more about the learning outcomes for the program.


Read some short stories from this program by following my blog 



Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. You can contact me at


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