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Designed for adult learners,  art history students and their teachers.


Are you looking for a reliable self-directed program about the history of Modern European art to assist you with your study, or just for pleasure?


This easy to follow and highly researched program covers the period from the mid 1800s to the 1940s, when there were so many diverse and exciting changes happening in art.


The key focus is on artists working in Paris, as it was the major arts 'hub' during this period. 

"Dear Andrea, The program is really interesting and so well put together. Thank you so much." M 

"Thanks for the course, couldn't believe how much information you've included." CD

"You really helped with my study, and saved me heaps of time" JH


but you may wish to make a small donation, thank you!

I'm Andrea Hope, owner of Kiama Art Gallery, which specialises in European and Australian artworks, particularly works on paper.


I have a BA in Professional Writing and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies (amongst other tertiary quals). I've been an adult educator for many years, specialising in both art history and communication in the workplace.

It has been a joy to research and write Introduction to Modern European Art.

You may have read some of the stories from this program on my highly popular blog. 

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If you are studying Australian Art History, you may be interested in my website Australian Art History


You can read more about me at About the Presenter

My aim is to help make learning about art history easy and engaging

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