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If you've been following my blog, you'll see that there are a number of short stories from this e-course.


If you have been enjoying the blog you might want to have a  free 'look see' to get a feel for the material covered in the program.

I hope you'll then want to sign up for the program for full access, so that you can see each of the stories in context, with so much more. You'll also discover links to interesting videos and other resources and have the opportunity to participate in exercises and discussions. If you are a student, there's also an extensive bibliography.

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When you receive the password for the Free Resources Section, just click  on any of the tabs listed in the section and enter the password 
(The Login/Sign up button at the top of the page applies only to full access to the e-course.) 

The key artists included in program - some you will know and love, and others will be less familiar. You'll also see how artists respond to their environment.

An overview of each of the major art styles from Romanticism through to Abstract Art.

Lots of information about key exhibitions held in Paris, including the Paris Salon and Impressionist Exhibitions.

An overview of art terms to assist in understanding how artists designed and composed their works.

Interesting articles about art and art history by others.

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